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Square Nursery Pots Wholesale, Factory Price, Free Samples, Fast Delivery! We are a professional square plastic plant pots supplier with 20 years manufacturing experience.

Square plastic pots dimensions

2.5 inch plant pots2.5 inch square plastic pots size: 2.6inch / 6.5cm (Top Diameter) x 1.58inch /4cm (Bottom Diameter) x 3.54inch / 9cm (Height).

3.5 inch plant pots3.5 inch square plastic pots size: 3.52inch/ 9cm (Top Diameter) x 2.56inch/ 6.5cm (Bottom Diameter) x 3.54inch / 9cm (Height).

4.5 inch nursery potsPlastic 4.5 inch square pots size: 4.13inch / 10.5cm (Top Diameter) x 3.35inch / 8.5cm (Bottom Diameter) x 3.62inch / 9.2cm (Height).

4.5 inch plant potPlastic 4.5 inch deep square pots size: 4.13inch / 10.5cm (Top Diameter) x 3.35inch / 8.5cm (Bottom Diameter) x 4.62inch / 12.5cm (Height).

These black square plant pots are ideal for growing succulent and cactus with cheap price.

· Square plastic flower pots are made of quality Polypropylene material. Plastic square pots are Eco-friendly.

· Efficient bulk packaging available for high volume users. Matching square pot carrying trays are available.

· Square plastic planter OEM or ODM is available. If the order quantity is large, we will refund the mold cost.

We do not have MOQ if we have stock. If we do not have any stock, the MOQ is up to the product. Different product will have different MOQ.

If you are interested in square nursery pots wholesale, please contact [email protected] for free samples and best offer, buy more save more!

Delivery & Payment for square plastic planter

Packing: We often pack square nursery pots with solid box, pallet and pp bags. We often stack them one by one, which will save much more space on the container.

Delivery: We often deliver our goods by sea, we deliver the square plastic flower pots samples by courier, for examples, Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT and Aramex! We ship square plastic plant pots worldwide, such as USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ and many other countries.

Payment: Bank transfer (T/T), Western Union, Paypal or Letter of credit.

Our advantages in square nursery pots

Our advantages

We are a professional wholesale plastic plant pots supplier, we will give you best service from sending us inquiries to after-sales. If you have any problems or need any help, please feel free to contact us, we will give your best square plastic planter solution.

Our square plastic pots are exported to countries all over the world. We being reliable square plastic planting pots manufacturer, always focus on customer satisfaction, so you will work with us completely satisfied!

square pots application

We’ve been manufacturing a broad range of plastic plant pots for many years now. The diversity of our product offerings means our clients have a single source for all their plastic plant pots needs.

There’s more to us than simple product diversity. We enforce some of the highest quality assurance processes in the industry. Whether any plastic plant pots that you require – you’re assured that the product you buy from us is of the highest standards.

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Where to buy square plant pots?

Wilson Garden offers the best square plant pots at affordable prices. Their high quality and performance have led to their popularity in the market. Square plastic pots for plants are available in 2.5 inch, 3.5 inch and 4.5 inch. Our square plastic planter pots get customers’ recognition from many countries.

We have the ability to create custom cheap square plastic flower pot for any customer. Color, shape, sizes and logo can be customized to meet your best square plastic garden pots requirement, they are ideal choice for your business.

Do plants like plastic square pots?

Square plastic pots are very nice to look at, and they make your plants stand out. Plant pots plastic square also have drainage holes on all sides, so that the roots of your plant aren't sitting in water. This means that you will not have to add water to your plastic small square flower pot often or repot frequently-- a major benefit for busy people who don't have time or energy to do these things.

Plastic plant pots in square shape made of high quality, durable material may be used for indoor plants as well as outdoor plants such as succulents or leafy trees. They are simple to use and easy to maintain so they will not be a burden while providing a beautiful look in your home or work place.

Are square pots better than round pots?

Both are acceptable, and as long as your plastic plant pot remains upright, plants should survive very well in them. Square nursery pots are a modern and innovative way to accent your home or garden. The shape not only sets them apart from your average rectangular planters, but it also allows you to stack the planters on top of each other, making them easier to store.

Square grow pots are one of the most popular styles of pots, mainly because they are simple to use and allow your plants to maintain optimum sunlight exposure. Our square plastic flower pots come in a variety of sizes to suit your planting needs, and are made from plastic for durability.

Square plastic plant pots are ideal for smaller plants and will help you avoid wasting space. Square plastic planters also tend to look a little more stylish than round ones and can make your garden or balcony look neat and tidy. They’re great if you have limited space around your home or garden, since you can arrange them in any number of configurations.


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