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Thermoform pot wholesale

thermoform pots wholesale, Factory Price, Free Samples, Fast Delivery! We are a thermoformed pots wholesale supplier with 20 years of manufacturing experience. We have a 35,000 square metres workshop area, serving customers worldwide. We offer different kinds of thermoform plastic pots ranging from small to large.

We can ship thermoform pots worldwide, such as USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, Israel, Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Serbia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda etc.

Size of thermoform plastic pots

Our plastic nursery pots size in gallons: half gallon, 1 gallon, 1.5 gallon, 2 gallon, 3 gallon, 4 gallon, 5 gallon, 7 gallon, 10 gallon, 14 gallon, 15 gallon, 20 gallon, 25 gallon or according to your requirements.

Our thermoformed pots size in inches: 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 3.5 inch, 4 inch, 4.5 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch, 10 inch, 11 inch, 12 inch, 13 inch, 14 inch, 15 inch, 16 inch, 17 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch or according to your requirements.

Our thermoform pots size in cm: 6.5cm, 7.5cm, 8cm, 8.5cm, 9cm, 10cm, 10.5cm, 12cm, 13cm, 15cm, 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 21cm, 22cm, 22.5cm, 23cm, 24.5cm, 25cm, 26cm, 27cm, 28cm, 29cm, 30cm, 31cm, 34cm, 36cm, 38cm, 41cm, 43cm, 45.5cm, 46cm, 51cm, 58cm or according to your requirements.

ODM or OEM thermoformed nursery pot

Color, shape, sizes and logo can be customized to meet your plastic flower pots requirement. If you want your own Private Label, please send us the label or logo you want to print on the thermoformed nursery pots, and we will proofing for you.

Our thermoform pots for plants are made of high quality PP, New PP and HDPE. Thermoformed pots color: black, terracotta, brown, white, chocolate, colorful. Thermoformed plastic nursery pots shape: round and square. You can use black thermoformed nursery pot to grow trees, flowers, vegetables, herbs etc.

Thermoform pot manufacturers

These thermoformed plastic pots are reusable. We also have disposable plastic plant pots. You can use these thermoformed flower pots in the greenhouse, indoors and outdoors. Our thermoform plant pots have drainage holes in the bottom that help soil drain and ventilate, prevent root rot.

As plastic planters wholesale suppliers, we make sure that our plastic garden pots are qualified products. Our full service has won compliments from customers all over the world. We can also provide free samples for testing. Contact us and let’s win more markets together.

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What are thermoformed pots?

Thermoforming is a process where thermoplastic materials are heated and formed into desired shapes and sizes. So thermoform pot manufacturers can make an extremely strong and durable end product that doesn’t require expensive or complicated manufacturing methods.

Thermoform plastic pots are typically made from high-grade polyethylene and polypropylene. Both of them have excellent durability and weather resistance properties. These materials also do not readily absorb moisture. So thermoformed plastic nursery pots are ideal for plants that are sensitive to soil moisture levels.

You can use thermoform pots for plants if you live in areas with arid climates or dry summers. Because they eliminate the need to monitor soil moisture levels on a regular basis. Additionally, you can clean thermoform pot easily with water or even diluted household cleaning products if necessary.

In addition to their strength and durability, thermoformed pots also offer gardeners a wide range of design options. You can customize them to suit individual preferences or landscaping designs. Plastic flower pots have different colors, textures, sizes, shapes and styles. Gardeners can choose the perfect thermoform pot for their needs without worrying about compatibility issues.

These thermoform pots are also very cost-effective. Compared to ceramic or concrete alternatives, thermoformed plastic pots are typically much more affordable while offering similar strength benefits. They don’t require any additional installation or maintenance costs compared to other potting materials like wood or stone veneer.

Are plastic pots too hot for plants?

All living things need warmth to survive and plants are no exception. However, too much heat may damage plant cells. This makes it difficult for them to absorb water and nutrients from the environment.

Plastics generally do have greater thermal conductivity than other materials used in gardening. So they absorb more heat into their surface area when exposed to sunlight compared with clay or stone containers.

But black thermoformed nursery pot typically have UV stabilisers added during manufacture which help limit their absorption of solar radiation and slow down thermal gain in direct sunlight. So they are relatively safe when used correctly.

To ensure your plants remain healthy, you also need to pay attention to their moisture levels while they’re in a plastic container. Any increase in temperature may increase evaporation rates. This will cause them to lose water faster than usual.

Ensuring adequate ventilation like frequent misting will help maintain reasonable humidity levels within your pot while controlling any adverse effects from too much direct sunshine exposure onto the soil surface during summer months when temperatures soar outside.

Choose areas with morning sun exposure rather than full afternoon sun and always put your containers off-ground. So they have an air gap between them and any hard surfaces beneath them, such as paving stones. This helps insulate against additional thermal gain due the ground retaining its own heat during summertime periods (particularly important for dark coloured plastics).

What is the lifespan of plastic pots?

The lifespan of plastic plant pots depends on three factors: its quality, how to use and how often it is exposed to sunlight. Generally speaking, high quality plastic flower pots with proper care can last up to 3 years or more.

Plastic garden pots have different grades, ranging from very thin and fragile to thicker and more durable grades. Thicker plastic nursery pots are more resistant to external elements such as sunlight damage and weathering. UV protection also helps prolong the life of your pot even further.

How you use your pot also determines its lifespan. For instance, overheating can lead to premature cracking over time. You can avoid this by placing gravel or stones inside the plastic gardening pots before adding soil.

Finally, direct exposure to sunlight can cause discoloration or fading in even the best-made plastic pots over time. To avoid this, try moving them occasionally so that they get some shade throughout the day. Particularly during summer months when temperatures tend to soar higher than normal.

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