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5 inch pots wholesale suppliers

5 Inch Nursery Pots Wholesale, Factory Price, Free Samples, Fast Delivery! We are a professional 5 inch plastic plant pots wholesale supplier with 20 years of manufacturing experience. We supply 5 inch plastic pot with good quality and competitive price.

We ship 5 inch plant pots worldwide, such as USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Israel, Trinidad, Jamaica, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, Turkey, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, Cyprus, Bahrain, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan etc.

OED or OEM 5 inch nursery pots

Our cheap 5 inch planters color: black, terracotta. Our 5 inch pots for plants are round. These 5 in pots are made of high quality HDPE and polypropylene (PP) material. UV protected and Eco-friendly. The 5 inch planter with drainage holes in the bottom to prevent over watering and root rot.

Logo, shape, sizes and color can be customized to meet your best 5 inch nursery pots requirement. You can use 5 inch flower pot in the greenhouse, indoor and outdoor. You can use 5 inch plastic flower pots to plant seedling, vegetables, herbs, succulent, marijuana, orchid etc.

5 inch plastic pot manufacturers

If you’re looking for 5 inch nursery pots bulk, we have what you need. We sell 5 inch plastic planter at a wholesale price and the more you buy, the less the cost. You will get 5 inch plastic pots for plants that will last for a long time. The larger your order of 5 inch plastic plant pots, the less you pay per item!

5 inch plastic nursery pots matching round pot carrying trays are also available. If you are interested in 5 inch pots and trays, please contact vincentwilsongarden@gmail.com for free samples and best offer, buy more save more! If you want to buy 5 inch plant pots, please click the product below for detailed information!

Where to buy cheap 5 inch nursery pots?

5 inch pots are the most common size of seed starting pots. You can purchase a 5 inch planter pot from any local nursery. You should buy 5 inch planters from a professional supplier if you need more than 5,000 5 inch nursery pots. Wilson Garden is your best selection. You can use them year after year.

What to plant in 5 inch plastic pots?

This depends on the type of plant and how quickly it grows. Tall plants, such as pole beans and peas, need large pots because they will quickly outgrow their containers. You can keep small herbs like basil and parsley in small pots without much trouble because they grow slowly.

You should not grow plants like tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in pots smaller than 10 inches as they require lots of space. Smaller plants like lettuce, radishes and herbs do well in a 5 inch pot with drainage because they are not very tall or large.

Here are some common plants that can be grown in five inch pot: Basil, parsley and dill are three of the most popular herbs grown from seed. They're easy to start from seed indoors, but they will need larger containers if you want to move them outdoors or if you want to transplant them into your garden after all the danger of frost has passed.

Lettuce is another common herb that can be started from seed indoors in early spring or fall. It also requires regular watering once it's established in its final planting spot.

5 inch pots with drainage are easy to move around, so you can take them indoors in cold weather and move them back outside when the weather warms up. Growing vegetables in 5" pots also allows you to move your plants under cover to protect them from wind or heavy rain.

Most vegetable seeds need at least six hours of sunlight per day. So you should grow them in a sunny location on your property. If you don't have enough sun for regular vegetable gardening, consider growing herbs instead. Herbs generally require less sunlight than vegetables do and are much less fussy about soil conditions.

How much soil is needed to fill 5 inch plant pots?

You can use 5 inch flower pots with 1 inch or 2 inches of soil to grow small plants like succulents. You may need 3 inches or more of soil in each 5 inch pot if you want to plant herbs or vegetables. You can use soil mix to fill the 5 inch plastic plant pot about halfway, but no more than three-quarters or else it can cause problems with drainage.

How often do you water seedlings in 5 inch plastic plant pots?

It depends on several factors. For example, soil temperature, soil moisture content and the type of plant. You can water commercial potting soil every one to three days. You can water peat moss every four days. You should also check the moisture level of the soil before watering. You can check the soil with your finger and feel if it’s moist or dry.

For example, take a handful of soil from the top of the 5 inch plant pot and squeeze it gently in your hand. If it forms a clod, then it's too wet. If it crumbles apart easily and falls through your fingers like beach sand, then it's too dry.

Generally, you should let the soil dry out before watering again. You should stop watering just before the excess water runs out through the bottom of the 5inch pots. Because overwatering can cause plants to become fungus or root rot, which kills them.

If you notice your seedlings wilting, they're likely thirsty. Watch them closely and give them a good drink when they start drooping again. If you live in an extremely hot area or don't have air conditioning, consider keeping your seedlings in the shade or inside where it's cooler during hot spells.


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