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11 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale, Factory Price, Free Samples, Fast Delivery! We are a professional 11 inch plant pot wholesale supplier with 20 years of manufacturing experience. We supply 11 inch flower pot with good quality and competitive price.

11 inch pots suppliers

We can ship 11 inch pots worldwide, such as USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Trinidad, Jamaica, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Pakistan, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, Nigeria, etc.

Our 11 inch planter pot color: black, terracotta, white. These 11 inch pots for plants are made of high quality HDPE and polypropylene (PP) material. UV protected and Eco-friendly. 11 inch planter with drainage holes in the bottom to prevent over watering and root rot.

Logo, shape, sizes and color can be customized to meet your best 11 inch nursery pot requirement. You can use an 11 inch flower pot in the greenhouse, indoor and outdoor. You can use a round 11 inch plastic pot for planting seedlings, vegetables, herbs, orchid, mum etc.

11 inch plastic plant pots price

If you’re looking for an 11 inch plastic planter, we have what you need. We sell 11 in plant pot at a wholesale price and the more you buy, the less the cost. You will get 11 inch pots for plants that will last for a long time. The larger your order of 11 inch plant pot, the less you pay per item!

11 inch planter matching round pot carrying trays are also available. If you are interested in 11 inch pots and trays, please contact vincentwilsongarden@gmail.com for free samples and best offer, buy more save more! If you want to buy 11 inch planter with drainage, please click the product below for detailed information!

What plants can you grow in 11 inch plant pot?

Growing plants in an 11 inch diameter plant pot is not only possible, but also ideal for some plants. 11 inch plant pot plastic is great for growing flowers, herbs and vegetables. You can also use them for growing small fruit trees or bonsai trees.

The 11 inch plant pot is a good size. You should grow one plant at a time. It's also good if you just want to test before diving in head first into growing. 11" pot gives plants enough room to spread out their roots so that they're not competing for nutrients or water with each other.

You can grow a lot of plants in an 11 inch pot with drainage. African violets are houseplants which have different colors and varieties. Beginners can care for them easily, so you can start them as your first plant.

Cacti and succulents are also great houseplants. Because they don't need much water or sunlight at all. You can find some really unique looking ones too! Ferns are another good choice. Ferns come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your 11 inch pot best!

The smaller the pot, the fewer plants you can grow. Because a small pot means less soil volume, and less soil volume means that it dries out faster. This means that you should water the plants more often.

How many plants can I put in a 11 inch nursery pot?

There are many factors that affect how many plants can fit in a 11 inch diameter planter. The quality of the soil. You should use good quality and well-drain soil. It will hold more nutrients and water than poor quality soil. So you can get away with using smaller pots with good soil than you could with poor soil.

If your soil isn't well drained or is too heavy, then you need bigger pots so that there's room for both roots and air circulation (for oxygen). If you put too many plants into a plant pot 11 inch, they're going to be crowded out and stressed by lack of space.

The type of plant (e.g., annual vs. perennial). Some plants grow more quickly than others. Some plants need more space to spread out their roots than others. Some plants have larger root systems than others; etc. These differences mean that one size pot isn't going to work for all plants!

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